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This summer was a very busy, but exciting summer...with outdoor painting events like Paint Annapolis, Plein-Air Easton and Plein-Air 757...hot, humid, but soooo much fun! This photo was taken by Lynn Sauls, a passerby who kindly took a snapshot of me during the 2-hour QuickDraw event in Easton, MD. I was facing the back of the Bartlett Pear Inn & restaurant, who's cook turned on a fan on their porch to keep me cool while painting...the hospitality in this town is just incredible!! The entire Plein-Air Easton event was the highlight of my summer... since it is the biggest, most well-organized and most prestigious outdoor painting competition in the US!  I felt like I was "running with the big dogs" since painting with almost 60 talented artists from both the US, Canada and Russia was a dream come true! No award (did not expect that to happen anyway) but 7 paintings sold...not bad for the "new kid on the block"!!



I showed my work in a few art shows: Art on the Square in Williamsburg, VA; the Oxford Fine Arts Fair in Maryland and Art on the Farm at the Barrier Islands Center in Machipongo, VA and painted outdoors during a plein-air event in Snow Hill, MD. I was completely surprised and very honored to win the "Artists' Choice Award" for the second year in a row!

The participating artists voted to award this small piece entitled "Barn with a view"(8x10) and I consider it the most prestigious award since it is given by your fellow artists and they truly know what it's like to paint outdoors! It's a real treat to be part of this annual event & fundraiser, organized by Ann Coates, owner of Bishop's Stock Gallery in Snow Hill, MD.


This month, I painted at Chadds Ford, PA with my painting friend Doug Small during their annual plein-air event...in 13ºF weather!! It was so cold, we had to wear thermal underwear and hand- and footwarmers to keep from getting frost bite! The next day it started snowing...quite the experience...good thing I'll have an entire year to think about participating again! We also taught a workshop "Introduction to Oils" at Cedar Point Country Club in Suffolk...the perfect way to get started!




This painting above, entitled "Fragrance" 12x12 was donated to the

Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, where I was the featured artist during their annual Art Show & Sale! Despite the snow storm, which forced us to cancel the opening reception, it was the most successful show I have participated in...with 23 pieces sold! Thanks Melissa Hlinovsky and all the committee members and volunteers...could not have been more honored to be a part of it!




After another successful event at the Barrier Islands Center in Machipongo, VA last November, it was back to the easel for a few Christmas commissions! I painted various works, including a portrait commission...something I don't do on a regular basis. The portrait was of the late Florence Vermeal (see below), who's husband wanted to have a lasting memory of his beloved wife and mother of 4. I was truly honored and very thankful that I was able to capture her likeness!


The little red things in life 8x10

The one-person show "The Little Things in Life" at the Barrier Islands Center in Machipongo, VA featured lots of small plein-air works as well as small studio pieces of landscapes and still life. Thanks to the wonderful team at the Barrier Islands Center, the show was another success for all of us and I'm very grateful for their help and devotion!


Plein-Air 757


Plein-Air 757 is a two-day outdoor painting competition, held in the entire 757 area and organized by Karen Kinser. The opening reception, on the evening of hurricane Sandy, was hosted by the Art Institute at Town Center in Virginia Beach and was able to take place before the storm really hit this resort city. Judge Valerie Craig awarded me the award "In the French Tradition", which was sponsored by the Marie Dornhecker Foundation for my painting "Glistening"(12x16). My husband, who is extremely supportive, wanted to hold his half of the check!!

Plein-Air Onancock

This little painting (8x10) won 3rd place in the Plein-Air Onancock event last month! The event was organized by Mary Ann Connelly, owner of the Red Queen Gallery in Onancock, VA.

Lazare Gallery Visit & Plein-Air workshop


After a hospitable reception at the Lazare Gallery by owner Kathy Wurdeman, a few workshop participants are working at the beautiful waterfront property on the James River near Charles City, VA.  Lazare Gallery is specialized in Russian art from the Moscow School of Realism and showcases many wonderful plein-air paintings by master painters...a true gem worth visiting!


Workshop with John Brandon Sills

Together with a small group of local artists, I recently took a 2-day workshop on Chincoteague with John Brandon Sills. John used to be an instructor at the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore and won the "Artists' Choice Award" during the Plein Air Easton event last year. John's landscapes have a beautiful atmosphere and his work is almost poetic. His workshop was wonderful and well-worth the investment! He is not only a fabulous artist, but a great teacher who explains what he's doing and why! I've learned a great deal from watching his demonstrations as well as the many tips he gave me and the other students on how to improve our work. The workshop really charged my creative battery and his humor made the whole experience even more fun! Thanks for coming down to Virginia, John!

Havre de Grace Maryland - 2nd Place QuickDraw


During the Havre de Grace plein-air event on Saturday, September 15, I received the 2nd place award for my QuickDraw painting "The Sunny Side"! It was a small 8x10 painting, which I created in two hours in downtown Havre de Grace.

Plein Air Chincoteague

This was the display of the paintings I did during the plein-air event on Chincoteague, showing a variety of scenes depicting this unique island. I was forced to paint some of these in my car, since the mosquitos were ungodly due to a major downpour right before the event....there might still be a few mosquitos stuck to the wet paintings...I should have mentioned "mixed media" on the tags! Thanks so much, Nancy Richards West, for organizing this lovely event and for your hospitality!!

Paint Cape Charles - Best in Show

Artist Irene Ritter awarded me the "Best in Show" award during the Plein-Air Cape Charles event....a great local event organized by the Stage Door Gallery. We were lucky with the weather and I had a blast with some of my artist friends who came from across the Bay to participate in this two-day event! Thank you Ellen Moore for organizing and Dr. Mark Clarke for sponsoring this purchase award...I hope you like the piece!

August: Red Queen Gallery in Onancock

In August, I was invited to exhibit my work at the Red Queen Gallery in Onancock. This piece "Heading Home" was shown, among other studio and plein-air works...thanks Mary Ann Connelly, for making it a successful show!!


I participated in the Local Color show organized by the Working Artists Forum at the Tidewater Inn during the PleinAir Easton week in July. Judge Camille Przewodek gave me the "Best in Show" award...what an honor to receive an award from this well-know plein-air artist! She gave me the award for the painting "Drama at Dusk" but also considered the entire body of work.


Local photographer Robert Macaluso took a photo of me painting the tall ship "Sultana" in the harbor of Onancock and gave it a nice creative "touch" with a digital brush! During the opening reception at the Red Queen on Sunday, June 3, I received the First Place Award for another painting I did of the Sultana during the same event.


I painted this piece, entitled "Dancing in the Wind" (12x24), on May 5...the day I became an aunt of a beautiful baby girl named Janine! It's a fairly painterly piece, showing more brushstrokes than I normally do, but also made with the classic glazing technique of transparent colors (f.e. the purple in the shadows). The painting is signed with my new signature!! There were several reasons to change my signature from the logo I had been using so far, but the main thing is that from now on my entire maiden name Böggemann, will be on the pieces. If anyone would like to have a painting re-signed, just let me know and I'll be glad to take care of that!


Annual Eastern Shore Art League member show in Onancock, VA

This painting, entitled 'Divine Light' won First Place in the category Oils at the annual ESAL member show. This show with great work by fellow artists is hosted by Red Queen Gallery in Onancock from Friday, November 18 - Sunday, November 20.


Out & About Plein Air Event in Norfolk, VA

The "Out & About" event is organized every year by Karen Kinser; a talented artist who generously donates her time, money and energy to this fantastic plein air art event! The weather was cold and extremely windy (had to weigh my easel down AND hold it with one hand to keep it from blowing over!), but the atmosphere was very warm and amicable. The show was held at Waterside with live music and a great turnout of the public. There were lots of talented artists and it was fun sharing information and tips with colleagues. The painting of a pizza delivery cart on the right, titled "City Perks" won Jerry's Artarama's 2nd place...a gift certificate for more art supplies...Yipppeeee! The piece was bought by a lovely young Navy couple who collect local art at every location they are stationed...I hope they will treasure this souvenir for many years.

Paint Onancock, VA



  These pictures above show the plein-air painting process....I started with a toned board and a simple line drawing. In the next phase, I decided on the values of the rest of the painting and painted in my darkest values. In the third phase I massed in all the local colors (in the right value) and in the last phase the highlights and details are put in and edges are softened where necessary. The finished piece shows the muted fall colors of the trees and field and the cool light on this grey and overcast day. It won the Public's Choice Award during the Paint Onancock event, a small and friendly local competition, organized by Mary Ann Connelly from the Red Queen Gallery in Onancock.

Plein Air Workshop


This Fall, I taught another plein-air workshop at a beautiful waterfront property in Belle Haven, VA. The location was fantastic with lots of interesting features, such as an old house, barns, view over the Bay, lovely gardens, trees in fabulous fall colors and a old family cemetery. Something for everyone to be inspired by! The owners were so gracious to allow us to wander their property and set up our easels to capture all this beauty. After a demo and some instructional tips, the small group picked a location and went to work. We had lunch in the pool house together and finished up in the afternoon. The results were really amazing for one day of hard work! I can't wait to do it again in the Spring! (This time, together with Bonnie, who missed it because she slipped on the doorsteps and broke her back walking out the door!)


Paint Annapolis, MD

This year, I was accepted to Paint Annapolis for the first time and I was thrilled to be in this event...I would be painting with the "big dogs"! There were a lot of talented artists and the atmosphere was wonderful. For me, the cityscape offered a nice change from my usual rural surroundings...and an honorable mention from the judge was the "cherry on the sundae"!




Plein Air Cape Charles, VA

 On Saturday, September 17 and Sunday September 18, I participated in a small plein-air event in Cape Charles, VA. It was organized by Arts Enter Cape Charles and the show of wet paintings was held at the Stage Door Gallery on Mason Avenue. Ann Coates, owner of Bishop's Stock Gallery in Snow Hill was the judge who awarded me with the 'Critic's Choice Award' for my painting "Fall Feeling"; an 8x10 piece that I painted near the Cape Charles industrial park and the harbor. I was really honored to get this award from Ann, who's a well-respected gallery owner and art collector! The painting was painted during one of the wettest and rainiest weekends, but I feel it captured the mood of fall on the Eastern Shore by using very subdued and muted colors and was pleased with the result.


(photo on the right by local photographer and artist friend Gertraud Fendler)

Plein Air Chincoteague, VA

Plein Air Chincoteague on September 9 & 10 was a blast!  What a nice, informal and relaxed event to participate in and meet my fellow artists! The annual artist dinner at the Scholer's residence (prepared by Mr. Fred Scholer himself!) was an extravagant treat and makes this wonderful painting party even better!! The mosquitos were horrendous, especially around the marshes....and the weather was mostly very grey.....but it made me realize how beautiful the greens of the marsh stand out against the grey skies! Gamblin's tube greys (Portland Grey -Light-Medium & Dark) came in handy! Thanks so much Nancy, for organizing this fun show every year & your hospitality!!



One-woman show 'CAPTURED ON CANVAS; Indoors & Out'



My one-person show at the Barrier Islands Center in Machipongo, VA was a fantastic success with a great turn-out and six paintings sold! I'd like to thank all my art patrons, visitors, friends and family for their support and of course the entire BIC team for their generous time and energy putting the show together! It was a pleasure as always...!

JULY 2011

Plein Air Easton, MD

Plein Air Easton is a hot event for art lovers every year in Easton, literally and figure of speach.....(102 degrees!!), but soooooo worth a visit! My work was featured in the 'Local Color' exhibit, organized by the Working Artists Forum at the Tidewater Inn, and I also participated in the annual 'QuickDraw' competition. Here is the result of this 2-hour event:


JUNE 2011

Plein Air Workshop

In June, the owners of Chatham Vineyards gracefully hosted a plein-air workshop at their beautiful property. My students painted the house and garden, surrounding fields, old barns and water views. Here are the fantastic results from their one-day efforts!


MAY 2011

Painting Competition in the Netherlands

In May, I went to my native country The Netherlands, and participated in a week-long international painting event in the old city of 's-Hertogenbosch (became officially a city in 1184). The painter Hieronymus Bosch (c. 1450 - 1516) remains probably the best known citizen of 's-Hertogenbosch. It was the first annual plein-air painting event and about 25 artists painted the beautiful gothic architecture of the St.John's cathedral, the old city walls, canals, shopping streets and the locals. I had a blast! For more information, please click on:

schilderfestival 's-Hertogenbosch


MAY 2011

Paint Snow Hill, MD

After winning the 'Artists Choice Award' in Paint Snow Hill last month, I was featured in the May/June issue of Coastal Style Magazine. For all of you who did not get to see a copy of this lifestyle magazine, here is a link to the digital version of the article:


APRIL 2011


Amazing Marsh (11x14) and Pure Grace (9x12)

During the Plein-air event Paint Snow Hill, organized by Ann Coates of the Bishop's Stock Gallery in Snow Hill, my painting "Amazing Marsh" won the Artist's Choice Award, an award given to me by my fellow artists! It's a tremendous honor and I'm very grateful for their enthusiastic responses and encouragement! It was a fantastic weekend, also because of my gracious hosts Ricki & Mike Harrington. I'm already looking forward to next years' event!


One-person show "A Feast for the Senses"



My one-person show "A Feast for the Senses" at the Eastville Inn Restaurant in Eastville, VA was a major success! Thanks to the help of chef Charles Thain and his wife Shannon and thanks to the many patrons who came and bought! The show had 30 paintings and looked great at this beautiful historic location.


Annual Eastern Shore Art League Member Show

The painting "Contained" 12X16 won an honorable mention at the annual Art League Member Show in Onancock on Friday, November 19. The show was judged by Mr. Jeffrey W. Allison from the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond, VA.

JUNE 2010

Featured Artist Show at Blue Skies Gallery in Hampton, VA


I would like to thank all the wonderful artists from Blue Skies Gallery in Hampton

for their hospitality and help with my one-person show "A Moment in Light"!

JANUARY 1, 2010

Ad Böggemann

April 12, 1945 - January 1, 2010

After a 13-month battle with cancer, my dad and biggest fan passed away at his home in Soest, the Netherlands. He was a creative writer who loved music, art, movies and architecture. I am very grateful for his love and support and will always miss him. His legacy of paintings, drawings and poems will help us remember him.


Holiday Studio Event

The Open-Studio event on  Saturday, December 12 & Sunday, December 13 was a way for us to show our customer appreciation and a festive way to start the holiday season! W.T. Wilkins is a wonderfully talented local artist and wood turner who was showing his bowls, vases & bottlestoppers.  I also invited collectors to bring any previously purchased paintings, so I could varnish them for protection (free of charge of course!). If  you could not make it to this Open Studio Weekend, please contact me after the holidays and I will be glad to take care of that service. (On the back of the painting, you can see in which quarter of which year your painting was finished and it should be about 1 year after that date).


JUNE - JULY 2009

One-person show "Local Colors" at the Barrier Islands Center in Machipongo, VA

My one-person show "Local Colors" this past Summer was fabulous! We could not have had a better show at this beautiful location and I would like to thank all my patrons, friends-in-art and especially the wonderful people at the Barrier Islands Center in Machipongo for making it happen!

MARCH 2009

3rd Annual Sneak Peek Studio Tour


Dear Visitors & Patrons,

Thank you very much for making this 3rd Annual Sneak Peek Studio Tour a wonderful success  for woodturner W.T. Wilkins and myself! The weather cooperated and many people came from as far away as Washington and Williamsburg.  If you did not have time to see the special theme-exhibit at the Barrier Islands Center in Machipongo entitled: 'Waterways', don't worry, it will be up until the end of April. We really appreciate your business & support and I hope to see you again at one of my Spring art shows!

P.S. For those of you who could not make the tour, just click on this line and you can still see the latest paintings that are available!



Annual Eastern Shore Art League Member Show

"Ocean's Gifts" won the Adamo-Award

during the annual Eastern Shore Art League Member Show in Melfa, VA



'Reflections at Dawn' won First Place

at the plein-air event at the Stage Door Gallery

in Cape Charles, VA



'Adamo' Joseph Domenic Adams

July 25, 1931 - April 8, 2008


 After a brave battle with cancer, my dear friend and painting teacher, Joe Adams (Adamo) passed away on Tuesday, April 8, 2008. I am very grateful for the wonderful friendship and special gift he has given me through his teachings. His legacy will live on in his beautiful oil paintings and through his poetry and fiction. We wish his wife Donna and her family strength in this difficult time.


The studio tour held on Saturday, March 29 & Sunday, March 30 was a great success and the responses were heart-warming. Maurice Spector and I would like to thank all visitors & collectors and we hope to see you again next year!


If you were not able to attend, but would like to see my most recent artwork which was on display during the tour, please click on the 'Artwork' button on the left.

Or you can contact me to schedule a studio visit and see the paintings up close!

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