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Ever wanted to paint in oils, but don't know how to start? Ever bought painting supplies and they are catching dust? Ever started a painting and not happy with the results? Here's your chance to experience the fun and beauty of working with oil paint! Take a class, workshop or private lesson...Carole teaches ongoing classes, workshops and private lessons to beginning and intermediate students. Content of the class can be adapted to individual needs and level of experience. Please click on the links above, for more information and to see what kind of commitment would work best for you.

Do you have an aspiring artist friend? Lessons can also make a great gift!

'Painting with Carole has changed my life and especially the way I view the world. Now I see many colors, different textures and look at values in everything. I had only taken 1 class and painted 1 picture before taking classes with Carole. Now I have at least 3 paintings going at once. Carole is a great teacher, she is critical in a constructive way. I learn from every painting I do. I started painting at 50 and I know I will never stop'.

Rhonda Annon, Machipongo, VA

'My husband and I saw Carole Böggeman Peirson's work at a vernisage and we loved the quality, style and vision her art reflected. Unfortunate for us, all the paintings we wanted to purchase were sold before our visit to the gallery.  But fortunate for me she was able to fit a series of private lessons for me into her busy schedule. It was a delightful and enlightening experience for me. Having studied with different artist around the world I feel Carole would rank at the top of my list. She not only taught me technique. She openly shared her knowledge giving me printouts to go along with my class notes.  Most of all she was positive and encouraging with her instruction enabling me to learn from my mistakes. I am anxious to take some further workshops with Carole after all we still do not have an original Böggeman Peirson in our collection!' 

Pamela F. Girtman, Naples, Florida



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